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Why Take PACE?

Pace indicator is a tool designed to help identify your most productive way of working and living, allowing you to benchmark and improve your overall sustainability and performance at work.

Understanding our Natural Pace allows us to identify how we can work at our most efficient and productive rate. Understanding the Pace of those around us also helps identify how to adapt our approach to collaborate most effectively with others and work in the most sustainable, healthy way.



We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about the Pace indicator below.  More information about Compass indicators.


Sample Report

Pace indicator results are delivered in a customised 11 page report, along with guidance on how to use your Natural Pace to unlock optimal performance and energy.

As well as Natural Pace, the report details current work, leisure and fitness styles, giving you an initial insight into current behavioural choices to help make better, more effective business decisions.



Single Pace Indicator

Unlock your performance and have the energy
to deliver your ambitions.

£47 / $69 / AUD $89

Compass 4 Pack


All 4 Compass Indicators

All four indicators in one cost effective package, delivering insight into your natural business behaviours.

£97 / $149 / AUD $189

I would recommend Think Feel Know to any company that wants a fast and simple way to first understand and then improve communication across the business.
Sara Daw, The FD Centre
Compass is incredibly practical, easy to grasp and actionable.
Kate Anderson, morph b2b
Entrepreneur Leader Manager is a powerful tool which unlocks partnership dynamics and supports understanding of differences.
Roddy Cameron, UK
Entrepreneur Leader Manager proved to be a powerful predictive tool for the strategic focal points that emerged from our planning session and helped set the tone for open, constructive dialogue and fast, aligned decision-making amongst the partnership.
Chris Cook, Canada
ELM has really good cut through into why a business might not be functioning as well as it could be and not achieving what it should.
Alastair Kight, Juma Investments
We have been using Compass Pace Indicators with our clients for many years now and find them extremely beneficial and complimentary to our programs. Their online systems are well designed and user friendly and they always provide prompt and professional support.
Karen Finucane, Captain of Logistics, Next Evolution Performance
The Risk indicator was truly eye opening. It revealed how each of us makes decisions and enabled us to address some underlying frustrations in our team.
Kathy Ryan, Chair & Founder, RoseRyan
Now I know my Risk profile and my team’s Risk profile, I know we have the right team to implement our strategic plan. I think it’s an incredibly powerful exercise to do.
Belinda Vesey-Brown, MD, Brio Group
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