What’s the difference between Compass and other profiling tools?

Traditional profiling tools look to describe an individual’s character traits and put every person into a particular category or archetype (most are based on Carl Jung’s work on a human’s response to stress). In contrast, the Compass indicators are behavioural tools that describe an individual’s behavioural preferences in a business context. They are designed to be easy to understand so that you can apply them immediately in your daily work.

How often should you take an indicator?

As we all know our behaviours change over time, so we recommend re-taking the indicators whenever your business circumstances change. This could mean a new role, a change of business direction, a new team etc.

How accurate are the indicators?

Each indicator is mathematically tested against a bell curve to prevent skewing. Over 11,000 indicators have been taken over the past 6 years, and there are countless stories of how they have literally changed people’s lives. See Clients for more information.

How have the indicators been designed?

The questions are built after first phase testing on 200 people, and then results are checked against a database of over 1,000 people before full release. To deliver solid results, the design of each question and the questionnaire as a whole are mathematically tested against a bell curve to ensure no skewing, then tracked over time to prevent drift.

What output do I get?

Each indicator result comes with a full report (8-22 pages each) explaining the detail behind your behavioural preferences and how to use the result. In addition to the report there are videos and articles that explain how to get the most from your result in different aspects of your business and personal life. There are also various case studies showing how others have used their indicator results to dramatically impact their business performance.

Are the indicators just for business?

The indicators have been designed to help people understand their behavioural preferences within a business context, but of course what applies in business can be applied in your personal life as well.