What’s Your Natural Appetite For Risk?

Risk indicator

By identifying blockages and blind spots, the Risk indicator helps improve communication and decision-making. The indicator uses a simple 0 to 10 scale that provides an overall personal score. In addition, the report shows how that score is calculated from several important risk areas – each with their own scores. Differences in risk perception and […]

Tech Entrepreneurs Need Leadership & Management Skills

The UK needs more Tech Entrepreneurs if we are to continue to be ranked as a major innovation player the future. Yet, it’s not the lack of entrepreneurs with ideas that is holding us back, it is our ability to scale these businesses. These entrepreneurs need to develop leadership and management skills to complement their […]

Effective Communication – It’s Not That Difficult, When You Know How


So why is it difficult for many people? We operate in very fast paced, challenging times that are constantly changing, so effective communication is imperative. However, we find that people don’t understand that the people they are trying to communicate with process information in a unique way and it feels to them like you are […]

What Impact Does Your Behaviour Have on Your Business?


What kind of leader are you? And more importantly, how does your leadership performance affect your business?  Any leader who is serious about growing their business will ask themselves these questions almost every day because the way a business is led has a direct impact on the bottom line. And yet… Leaders are only human, […]